Private guide in St. Petersburg

Hello, it’s nice to have you around! 


If you are looking for a private guide in St Petersburg you are on the right page. Let’s get acquainted. My name is Raisa Shilina and for more than 15 years I have been working with tourists in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I am a completely licensed tour guide and I will be happy to make your visit to Saint Petersburg remarkable and personalized. I arrange skip-the-line tickets to the museums, comfortable transportation and visa-free vouchers for cruise visitors. I give guided tours in English and Spanish.


Private guide in Russia, Saint Petersburg


Why choose me as your tour guide?

  1. I have a Masters Degree of Saint Petersburg State University, faculty of Philology where I studied languages and history. My English level is C2 and Spanish C1 and I  know and love Russian history. I also regularly visit art classes of prominent Russian Art historians because studying art makes me happy.


  1. I am a very experienced tour guide — for many years ​​​​I successfully worked for big and small tour companies of Saint Petersburg and several years ago I started to organize tours myself and created my own webpage. Please have a look at the city sights, summer residences and  tours for cruise visitors. You can choose to visit all of these places. 


  1. My tours are enjoyable and comfortable, you will never be bored or tired of numerous facts and dates. I am a local born here and  share my vision beyond ordinary facts and dates that you can read in guide books. I show parallels between cultures, reveal things that are not noticed. I share some stories in my blog:  Vladimir Tiara a story worthy of James Bond


  1. I am proud to say that I worked with different clients from many countries, with big and small touristic groups, families and company members, politicians, athletes, ambassadors, European Parliament members, doctors, teachers, businesspeople, children, people with special needs and I believe that personalized experience is very important.


  1. Most tourists say they never expected Russia to be a «wow experience» and leave very good reviews.  I believe that exploring Russia through art, culture and everyday life is  exciting.


  1. You do not have to make prepayments and always get final price without hidden costs.


Private tours in Saint Petersburg