News number two

    My main passion in life has always been travelling. I visited most European countries and I am very proud that my native city Saint Petersburg is an extremely attractive place. When I say attractive, I mean that it has so many different facets, created by its history. Royal residences and palaces of nobility, poor districts, described in Dostoyevsky novels, soviet communal apartments and construction style, modern lifestyle. All this makes a unique blend, which is the spirit of Saint Petersburg and which makes people return here again and again.


  •     Comfort is the key word. We create efficient itineraries for you to spend your time here in the most enjoyable and pleasant way. Mini groups enter museums without queueing.
  •     Safety first. All our drivers are professionals; and cars, minivans and busses are comfortable, air-conditioned and have wi-fi.
  •     Not just tours but also cross-cultural exchange. All our guides are locals with a perfect knowledge of languages.
  •     Five star tours and attention to every guest!