Grand Maket Russia


National Show-Museum «Grand Maket Russia»

Saint Petersburg is an ideal city for long unforgettable holidays both for adults and children. This place will be adored by your kids.

Russia in Miniature

National Show-Museum «Grand Maket Russia» is Russia in miniature, literary - 800 square meters are an exposition of the whole country starting from Kamchatka and Far East in the east to Kaliningrad and the Baltic Sea with amber in the west. This is the second largest exposition of this kind in the world. For 5 years, day and night dozens of specialists worked on its creation. Children will be engaged as there are lots of moving objects like cars, more than 200 trains, helicopters and also people in their everyday life, and many of these objects can be controlled by visitors. You will be astonished by the complexity of their movement and variety of scenes. Sunsets and sunrises, days and nights happen at regular intervals of 50 minutes. You will see how people extract coal in the Ural mountains, oil in Siberia, find amber in the Baltic sea, go to work and live their everyday life including schooldays and family events. You will see most important sights of Russia including Golden Bridge in Vladivostok, Moscow Kremlin, Peter and Paul’s fortress and other sights.

How to get there

Located in Tsvetochnaya street 16 ( former factory district) at Moskovskie Vorota subway station. You can visit it on your own or book a tour with us.