Five Quick Facts about Saint Petersburg 2019

1. Saint Petersburg was founded on the 27th of May 1703 by the Russian emperor  Peter I the Great - this is amazing as we do know exactly the date of its birthday and celebrate it annually.
2. White Nights - a common symbol of the city, period of time from June to July when it never get’s completely dark at night. Although it’s a natural phenomenon  typical for northern locations it has become a brand of Saint Petersburg due to fantastic views of the city and numerous cultural events which are celebrated during this period, such as the Stars of the White Nights Festival - classical music festival organized by Mariinsky theatre.
3. Saint Petersburg was the capital for more than two hundred years (1712 - 1918) -  it was flourishing period of the Russian Empire and its legacy - posh palaces, rich art collections, gorgeous architecture are legacy of that time. We still refer to the city as «The Northern Capital» and «The Cultural Capital of Russia». Needless to say that Moscow and Saint Petersburg are still being opposed to each other with many jokes: «Saint Petersburg is the only city in Russia where your new job in Moscow is considered to be a not step forward in your career, but a mortal sin». Rivalry, rivalry…
4. Saint Petersburg is the largest northern city in the world with population over one million people. Nowadays the city’s population is slightly over five million.
5. The city changed its name three times. Originally the city received name Saint Petersburg because of apostle Peter - patron saint of Peter the Great however during the first world war 1914 the city was renamed in Russian style Petrograd, which means «city of Peter» in Russian. After October revolution and death of its leader Vladimir Lenin 1924 the city was called Leningrad. Only in 1990s the original name was returned to the city.