Peterhof Residence

Peterhof tour is a perfect option to visit summer residence Peterhof, which undeniably has the most beautiful garden in Russia and is often called “Kingdom of Fountains”.

It will take us about 1 hour to drive to Peterhof and we start exploring the place by visiting Grand Peterhof Palace. The palace dates back to the early 18th century, times of Peter the Great, and was later enlarged by his daughter – Empress Elisabeth. Ostentatious interiors of the palace can rival best European residences. We will dive in the atmosphere of royal luxury and see some rare private objects of Elizabeth I and Catherine II the Great.

After visiting the palace, we will have a look in its grottos to get a little of "behind the scenes" experience.  This experience is precious, as only close guests of the royal family could have it. Grottos were used for private parties and festivals. Inside we will also see engineering part of the Grand Cascade, some artefacts, trick fountains and learn about the history of water system construction. You will also have a chance to take pictures right from the Centre of the Grand Cascade!

When Peter I designed Peterhof, his ambition was to rival Versailles, and Peter I succeeded. Huge Peterhof Park occupies a territory of about 250 acres and is world famous for a unique fountain system, which has been preserved since 1720es. Nothing can compare to wandering along the alleys of Peterhof in hot summer days and discovering its hundred and fifty fountains including four cascades and famous trick fountains designed by Peter the Great himself.

To maximize the experience we recommend you to visit Monplaisir palace, favourite home of Peter  the Great, a place, where he lived. Nothing changed since Peter’s time, as he was its first and only owner. Respect to Tsar Peter was so great that his descendants preserved Monplaisir intact. Authentic interiors were not damaged during the Second World War and we can feel the spirit of Peter’s times.

Tour duration: 5 hours

Intensity:  Intensive walking tour. But it is possible to arrange electric vehicle in the garden

Notes: Not in all palaces fotos are allowed.

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