Pavlovsk Royal Residence

Pavlovsk is a royal residence built for Paul I son of Catherine  II the Great, but was especially loved by his wife Maria Fedorovna. This palace is less festive than Catherine's, and is a wonderful example of Tsar's true everyday life. Paul and Maria were a loving couple with 10 children (four boys and six girls) and regarded Pavlovsk as a private rather than ceremonial place.

Interiors were made by best architects of the late 18th century and furniture, paintings, silk fabrics for upholstery and curtains, porcelain sets,  statues, decorations and objects of art expressed aristocratic taste of the owners as Paul and Maria chose everything themselves during their travels to Europe. The Royal gifts from France (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were their friends) and other countries also form part of this bright collection.

Maria was also a practical and dedicated gardener with a professional knowledge of botany so needles to say that immense garden of Pavlovsk residence was her pride. You can also enjoy horse riding in the gardens. 

Pavlovsk is located 15 min drive from Catherine's palace so it might be a good idea to visit both places in one day. 

Tour duration: 5 hours

Note: Pavlovsk is gorgeous and has a huge garden which is too big to walk through

Intensity:  Average.

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