Hermitage Museum

Discovering the State Hermitage museum, the most representative art gallery of Russia, is a real pleasure for everyone who shares our passion for art, design and royal palaces. Literally, you need months to see every piece of the collection that numbers about 3 million items but why not focus on the best part of it.

We will meet at Alexander Column in the center of the Palace square – our main square at agreed time and will enter the museum avoiding queues. We have fast entrance.

During the tour, we will see greatest works of art by famous West-European artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rafael, Rembrandt, Velasquez and many others.

We will explore 5 buildings of the Hermitage museum:

Winter palace main royal palace of Russia, where we will enjoy luxury of gala halls. Discover 6 Gems of the winter palace.

Small Hermitage – birthplace of the collection, which was started by Catherine the Great in the 18th century.

Old Hermitage and New Hermitage – 2 palaces built for growing royal collections.

Hermitage theatre - which still operates as a theatre

To add the cherry on the cake of your tour visit one of two gold rooms with authentic jewelry which once belonged to the Romanov dynasty. ( this option is available upon special request) 

Read about Hermitage cats.

Tour duration: 3 hours

Intensity:  Medium 

Notes: Taking pictures in the palace is included. After the tour you can stay in the palace as long as you like.

You can order transport to/from the museum

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