Fun Walking tour

Fun Walking tour is a perfect option for those who prefer to experience the daily living and "get under the skin " of a place.

We will explore downtown area, see Royal palace, Church on the Spilled Blood, Summer garden, Michael’s castle, Nevsky Prospect, Square of arts.

It's an exciting journey, which combines the magic of everyday life with cultural heritage and attention to details. "We don't just see it - we live it" - this is our motto for the walk along curved canals, tangled downtown streets and hidden yards. Feel local getting authentic firsthand experience including a touch of local food and learning the ways, which are on and ff classical touristic routes.

Immersing in St. Petersburg is also taking advantage of spontaneous nice opportunities when they present themselves. It resembles more a walk with a friend showing you around and unveiling the secrets of a place that you could never find out in other circumstances.

Tour duration: 3 hours

Intensity:  High – Walking tour

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